My name is Raeesah (pronounced as: race-ah). I have an honours degree in Biomedical Science from the University of Greenwich (accredited by IBMS: Institute of Biomedical Science).
I have a number of interests and hobbies and finally took the plunge to start blogging because I would like to share the things I do and interact with others who share the same interests as I.
I haven’t blogged or written an article in a while, so please be patient as this space will be changing in the near future 



I initially started blogging for my University, the University of Greenwich when I was in my final year. I absolutely loved it. I got to share things and events that took place and I had decided I would keep this up even after I left. Alas, full-time work as a trainee manager in a health care company prevented this from happening. However, I have taken stock of the situation and started.

I must admit, this did take some time as I was unsure about a blog name. I have gone with The Quack Central. I came up with this many years ago because a friend of mine had come up with nicknames for our group of friends, I was ducky. Duck’s quack and quack is also slang for a doctor/shrink. At the time I thought this to be rather funny and having a place to call quack central where I voice my personal views seemed appropriate. Thus the christening of my twitter page-Quack Central (come and follow me) occurred. I followed this on with my blog.

At this moment in time I do not have a clear outline of the exact things I wish to blog about. I have a rough idea though. I hope to share my adventures whether they are little exploits in London or traveling to different parts of the incredible world we live in. I want to talk about food, tell others of some of the extraordinary foods that have cleansed my palate and I want to talk about random things like skin care and funny things that have happened to me during the day. If I get to make others laugh during this time, that is a mission accomplished 😀

I will do my level best to keep you posted on any changes and updates that may take place.

Hope you’re well though 🙂